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Snowflakes & Vows: Navigating a Winter Wonderland Wedding

At The Belle, when the rain turns to snow, turn your worries into a winter wonderland! Much like rain on your wedding day, snow can provide a lot of the same benefits. The magic of a winter wedding is undeniable, and when delicate snowflakes sprinkle from the sky, it adds an enchanting touch to the special day. If you find yourself facing a snowy weather forecast on your wedding day it’s best not to panic, trust your wedding planner, and enjoy your special day. And according to the Almanac “Snow on your wedding day is a sign of fertility and prosperity.”

Embrace the Beauty

The Belle’s snow-covered landscapes provide a breathtaking backdrop for wedding photos. The soft, white blanket can transform any venue into a magical wonderland. Embrace the beauty of the season, and let your photographer capture the unique charm of a winter wedding on the property. Imagine the joy on your faces as you and our partner enjoy the intimacy of your first look in a snow-kissed landscape or the laughter as guests enjoy the snowy festivities. Pro Tip: The pergola in the ceremony area is a popular space for first-looks! These moments will make for unforgettable memories and one-of-a-kind photos.

Cozy Comfort for Guests

Keep your guests comfortable by providing warm blankets, shawls, or even personalized mittens. Consider renting outdoor heaters for the ceremony or reception area to ensure everyone stays warm and enjoys the celebration without feeling the chill. You may even want to consider adding a hot cocoa station so guests can warm up with a classic chocolate beverage. But, considering the size of the expansive ballroom dance floor, all your guests will break a sweat dancing the night away!

Winter-Ready Decor

Enhance the winter wonderland atmosphere with seasonal decor. Our modern, elegant blank space allows you to consider candlelit centerpieces, evergreen garlands, and touches of metallic or icy blue accents to complement the snowy backdrop. Consider incorporating elements like pinecones, twinkle lights, or even snow globes for added charm. Our onsite florist, Willow & Thistle, has beautiful rental options and our talented floral designers know just how to accent the beauty of mother nature.

While a snowy wedding day may bring unexpected challenges, it also offers a unique and magical atmosphere that can make your celebration truly extraordinary. Embrace the beauty of the season, plan accordingly, and savor every moment of your winter wonderland wedding. After all, love, like snowfall, is a beautiful and rare thing, and your wedding day is the perfect canvas for creating memories that will last a lifetime. Start planning today and inquire about dates and details by emailing

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